Hit by a commercial vehicle? Hold the driver liable

There are many causes of truck crashes, but a few seem to crop up more than others. Driver inattention, fatigue, negligent driving, negligent passing and aggressive driving are all actions that can lead to serious trucking accidents. These are all common causes of crashes that are easily avoided, yet they lead to accidents every day.

If you are not driving a large vehicle, it can be scary to be around large trucks when you know that the driver could be distracted, fatigued or simply not see you. If a crash does happen, the chances are that you’ll suffer greater injuries than the trucker in the big rig due to your vehicle being many times smaller than the large truck.

The sheer difference in the size and weight of a car versus a truck means it’s extremely dangerous to be involved in a wreck with a semitruck. That’s why you should always report unusual actions made by truck drivers. Aggressive drivers, speeding drivers, drivers who are weaving in traffic and others who are driving recklessly can be reported so that the police can stop them and make sure they’re driving safely and with regard for others.

No one should have to suffer from a collision with a large truck, but yet these accidents happen all the time. Commercial drivers have to take special courses and tests to get their CDL licenses, yet many still perform dangerous maneuvers on the roads. If you are impacted by a large truck accident, you have the right to seek damages and hold the other party liable. Our website has more on the steps you can take after being struck by a large commercial vehicle.