Many semitruck crashes are preventable

Sharing the road with semitrucks means that drivers are putting a lot of trust in the drivers of these large vehicles. What many people don’t think about is that there are many factors besides the trucker’s actions that can lead to crashes. 

One possible cause of a semitruck crash that doesn’t have anything to do with the driver in most cases is an equipment failure. Any component on the truck can lead to problems if it is defective, malfunctions, wears out or isn’t properly maintained. 

Truckers typically have to do a quick safety check before each haul, but they can’t necessarily check everything. They often rely on maintenance professionals to do this prior to their trip. If the trucker notices anything amiss during the haul, they need to stop and get it checked and fixed as quickly as possible. 

Another issue that might not be entirely the trucker’s fault is problems with the way their load is secured. The driver is responsible for checking that everything is done properly, but the fault for a mistake might also be placed on the person who did the initial securement when the cargo was loaded.

The cause of the semitruck wreck has an impact on who you can name as the defendant in a claim for compensation. Once you know the cause of an accident, you can determine who should be held liable for the crash. You also need to determine what types of compensation are appropriate for your case. At a minimum, you’ll probably deserve compensation for your medical care and missed wages. Ultimately, the goal is to shift the financial responsibility to the liable party, so you aren’t stuck with it.