These factors make your mining job a hazard to your health

Mining is dangerous, but it’s something that you love. While it is a lot of work, you also are part of a team that is doing some real good for your community and society. 

In terms of death, the mining industry has been making good progress over the last 100 years. Over time, the risks have been minimized, helping people like yourself do your work with fewer hazards. Still, there are a few causes that make up the majority of mining fatalities. These include:

  • Machinery-related injuries (25%)
  • Powered haulage (37%)
  • Electrical accidents (5%)
  • Slip-and-fall incidents (14%)
  • Rock or high wall falls (8%)

Just these five causes made up around 89% of the fatalities recorded in the industry when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last updated its studies. It’s important to note that the fatality rate was found to be higher among underground miners. 

It’s not just these incidents that can lead to death, though. Illnesses are another concern. Occupational illnesses commonly seen in miners include:

  • Diseases of the lungs from dust exposure
  • Hearing loss
  • Repetitive trauma

This isn’t a complete list of all the ways that you can fall ill from mining. This article also doesn’t have all of the different ways you could get hurt. As you know, the conditions inside the mine can change quickly, even with the right structures and safety precautions in place. It’s important that you and your team are all up to date on the latest safety protocols, first-aid techniques and other training so that you can stay safe when you’re underground. If you do end up involved in an accident, then workers’ compensation should be the next step.