Seek assistance after serious oil and gas field accidents

Working in the oil and gas industry provides employees with opportunities to earn good wages and provide for their families quite well. Unfortunately, this industry also poses many safety risks to its workforce. It is safe to assume that most people would rather not leave a well-paying job to avoid getting hurt. However, they would like to know what they can do if they suffer serious injuries in an oil and gas field accident.

In our time serving oil and gas workers in the Rapid City, SD, area, we have seen all types of accidents ranging from minor to severe. Minor injuries can range from cuts and lacerations to strained muscles. Examples of more severe injuries our attorneys often address include:

  • Amputations, often caused by getting part of the body stuck in equipment
  • Major burns caused by explosions or fires
  • Serious bone fractures, particularly in the legs, usually caused by falling or getting hit by an object

Other potentially serious oil and gas field accidents include vehicle collisions, electrical mishaps, incidents involving high-pressure lines and machinery accidents.

Our injury lawyers want to make sure you and other South Dakota oil and gas workers know that they have options after suffering a severe injury. Because each incident is personal and unique, it is wise to discuss these options with an experienced legal advocate.

In the meantime, we can help you learn more about these important topics. We invite you to continue exploring our website and our law blog for information about your next steps in the wake of your injury. You may also reach out to our team if you need information personalized for your situation.