Road rage: what are some signs and how can you prevent it?

Dealing with rude or distracting truck drivers on the road can be tough enough as it is, but road rage only increases your risk of a crash.

Learning the warning signs of when unreasonable anger can help you stay safe in frustrating situations.

Emotional signs

According to CBS News, negative thoughts about encounters with other drivers can easily escalate to the point of a physical outburst. If you notice yourself growing increasingly frustrated behind the wheel, such as cursing or ruminating on how to act aggressively towards another driver, your first step should be to find a distraction.

Listening to music or other audio is one way to relax while driving without taking your eyes off the road. Taking care to not stare at or taunt the other offending driver can help you stay relaxed, rather than feed the impulse to engage with him or her.

Physical signs

If you find yourself speeding or trying to pass another car in order to get the driver’s attention, you are putting yourself and other drivers at risk for an accident. Weaving in and out of the traffic lanes, honking your horn repeatedly or even braking suddenly in order to annoy others are all signs of road rage.

Distancing yourself is the best way to remain calm when another driver is attempting to aggravate you. Avoid making inappropriate hand gestures or rude actions can signal to the other driver that you want to engage. Beyond accidently sideswiping the truck or another car on the road, you can also cause a crash by forgetting to signal while changing lanes or turning. Keep in mind that it is ok to pull over in order to calm down if you need to.