Do wakefulness tricks really work?

Drowsy driving is a growing phenomenon that puts every driver at risk. Some drowsy drivers pose a much bigger threat than others, though. Drowsy truck drivers rank among the most deadly, as crashes with them often have high injury and fatality rates.

Some truckers swear by wakefulness tricks to keep themselves alert on the road. But do these tricks actually help cut down on drowsy driving?

Wakefulness tricks

The Sleep Foundation discusses the dangers of drowsy driving. This includes the physical effects that drowsiness has on the human body. Unfortunately, wakefulness tricks can only do so much against the body’s natural sleep response. There is no wakefulness trick that will work every single time. Likewise, there is no trick that works one hundred percent.

Some wakefulness tricks rely on attempting to give your body a physical adrenaline boost. These tactics may involve things like consuming caffeine or blasting the air conditioning. Other tactics attempt to mentally wake a driver up. Examples often involve playing loud music or having a conversational partner to focus on.

Why they do not work

Unfortunately, some of these tactics create a distraction in and of themselves. You cannot focus on the road if you are listening to music or talking to a friend. Other tactics wear off over time, like drinking energy drinks or coffee.

The urge to sleep eventually overpowers any attempts at staying awake, too. Even if you think your wakefulness tricks are working, you may experience microsleeps without even noticing. This creates a great risk for everyone on the road. If you got involved in a crash with a drowsy trucker, consider contacting a legal expert to learn about your options.