Fatal work-related traffic accidents

Whether you drive a taxi, large truck or any other type of vehicle as part of your job duties, recognize the hazards you face while working. Moreover, if you need to ride a bicycle or walk near traffic at work, you need to understand the risk of an accident. Every year, many workers die in traffic crashes that take place on the job.

Aside from fatal accidents, many victims suffer serious injuries that keep them from working and lead to financial problems, emotional hurdles and other challenges.

Reviewing data on deadly work-related traffic accidents

On a daily basis, millions of Americans’ job duties place them behind the wheel. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 29,000 people lost their lives between 2003 and 2018 in traffic accidents that took place while they were working. Furthermore, traffic accidents cause more workers to lose their lives than any other type of accident.

Reviewing other statistics on job-related traffic crashes

During 2018, over 1,200 people lost their lives in job-related accidents that occurred while riding in or driving vehicles on public roads. In fact, this accounted for 24% of all job-related fatalities during 2018. Moreover, 325 pedestrians died in job-related traffic accidents during 2018.

Even if your job duties do not typically involve driving, you could find yourself involved in a serious traffic accident. For example, some workers need to run errands or drive to a different location at certain times. The CDC reports that among the fatal job-related traffic accidents that occurred in 2018, 57% claimed the lives of those who worked in fields not directly related to operating motor vehicles.