Does the trucking industry encourage drowsy driving?

Drowsy driving is a big issue among all drivers these days. Of course, any problem faced by non-commercial drivers is also faced by those who drive for a living. In particular, drowsy driving is an enormous issue in the trucking industry.

As experts try to figure out why it continues to be such a problem, several things grow increasingly clear. Among them is the fact that the trucking industry itself might contribute to issues of drowsy driving.

Higher rates of drowsiness

The Sleep Foundation takes a look at drowsy driving in professional industries. In particular, drowsy driving plagues the trucking industry. They have a higher chance of suffering from drowsiness due to the amount of hours they need to spend on the road for their job.

Unfortunately, some experts believe that the trucking industry itself does very little to mitigate this issue. In fact, in some cases, they may even encourage behaviors that could lead to drowsy driving. After all, the distance drivers cover in a day relates directly to the profit a company can make. They value drivers who can cover longer spans of distance in less time.

Incentivizing drowsy driving

Thus, many trucking companies have incentives specifically designed to encourage drivers to cram as many miles into a day as possible. They incentivize quick trips. Because of this, many truckers feel pressured or baited into driving as long as possible. For many, this goes well beyond the limit they should physically reach.

In the name of profit, some trucking companies encourage behaviors that endanger their own drivers and others on the road. Needless to say, this is an issue that should gain spotlight attention.