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Facing A Contract Dispute?

Any contract, even one that was carefully drafted and reviewed by multiple attorneys, may come under dispute. Business owners, employees and companies small or large must navigate these disputes carefully to save time, money and effort.

At Barker Law Firm, LLC, our law firm has 30 years of experience resolving these disputes. We have successfully represented both defendants and plaintiffs in negotiation and at trial. From Wyoming to South Dakota, we understand the intricate laws surrounding business contracts and can advocate for your rights in cases involving:

  • Complex litigation cases, including death or serious injury caused in industrial and mining accidents, truck, motorcycle, and car collisions
  • Wildland and structural fires
  • Product failures
  • Insurance coverage questions
  • Construction
  • Railroad injuries
  • Business disputes

Board-Certified Specialists In Civil Litigation

Our founding attorney, Ken Barker, has the rare distinction of board certification from the National Board of Trial Advocacy as Civil Trial Specialist . As a civil litigation specialist with experience in complex litigation cases, our attorney has reached numerous successful judgments in contract dispute cases. Although we attempt to reach beneficial solutions out of court, we feel confident that we can aggressively advocate for you at trial.

Searching For Solutions And Achieving Them

In some of our cases, enforcement of the contract is so crucial that losing the case would mean the failure of operations. In others, the dispute at hand is a mere formality with no wider implications than clarifying some legal phrasing.

Each scenario requires a different approach. Proceeding to trial is not always wise. Often, we reach a favorable middle ground that satisfies both parties. We will advise you how to proceed depending on the particulars of your case.

Consult Our Attorney Regarding Contract Disputes

To receive wise counsel on how to proceed with a contract dispute, contact our office location in Belle Fourche. To schedule your appointment, call 605-723-8000 or contact us online. We stand ready with the legal advice you need.